Dance Programs

We offer Bollywood Dance Classes, Indian Contemporary dance classes and Kathak classes in the Bay Area in our Palo Alto location. We are very conveniently located to nearby cities Mountain View, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Redwood City etc.

Bollywood Retro Magic (Teens/Adult) Wednesdays (level 1 & 2)
Experience the joy of dance and fitness combined, pure Bollywood style in an encouraging and supportive environment! The 
high energy cardio and core work routines in this class will guarantee to break a sweat and build your stamina! This is followed by a break down of dance movements leading to a choreographed routine by the end of the session. The choreography emphasizes movements that up the essence of Bollywood! Emphasis is put on coordination, spatial awareness and expressions that help prepare our students to be confident performers! Class concludes with stretches to cool off. You have to just try out the class to experience the sheer joy and energy this class offers! 

Mid session (about 6-8 weeks) we will transform our class into a fun in-studio performance event where friends / family are invited to attend and support their dance community!

Indian Contemporary (Teens/Adult) Thursdays 
Taught by Artistic Director Karishma Sharma. Come join this class if you want to take your dance skills to the next level in choreography and potentially performing with Monsoon Dance Company! The class starts with warm up routines that build on dance technique, alignment and core work followed by movements leading to a stylized choreography. This class follows an on-going format for a 4 to 8 weeks class package. Karishma draws movements from a variety of dance styles (Indian classsical, folk, jazz, afro and contemporary) to create dance pieces that are versatile and high energy. You will experience a combination of sharp and fluid movements, at times weaved into a story. Karishma also encourages each dancer to bring his/her individual expression to the piece. You will leave the class energized and inspired. Athletic/Dance wear and bare feet is appropriate attire. Drop-ins are welcome! 
Bollywood Youth Classes (Kids, Preteens, Teens) Tue & Sundays
Grow your child's love for the dance arts and technique in a positive learning environment. Join our interactive classes where children discover the joys and fundamentals of Bollywood dance through Indian cultural themes, imagery and play. Students will work on their musicality, spatial and body awareness, coordination, core strength and footwork. Students will learn warm up routines and choreography that is designed to build their performance skills, teamwork and self-esteem at the end of each session. We will work toward performing a fun and vibrant show for friends and family to enjoy on the last day of class.

Curriculum for 2019-2020
Technique Intensive Session - Fall 2019
This session will focus on building dance technique, form, musicality and coordination thus building the key blocks of a dance foundation. Students will be also learn choreographed routines based on cultural themes, stories and props. This session is the foundation toward preparing students' dance skills for our recital in May 2019. Students who completed this session will perform dances learnt in Fall 2019 and Winter 2020.

Performance Session - Winter/Spring 2020
The performance session is built on top of the Technique session from Fall of the previous year. Refinement of group choreography, spatial awareness, individual developemnt of expressions will be the key areas that students will work on. We work hard to instill self confidence and comfort in our students to perform on stage. And most important of all - pure joy.
Annual Showcase - Mélange 2020 (May 16-17, 2020)
On May 17, 2020 we will showcase our Dance Recital - Mélange 2020 at Cañada Performing Arts Theater in Redwood City. Imagination, creativity, focus, teamwork and fun are the framework for Monsoon Dance Company’s productions. Students train with our artistic teachers to hone the skills of the stage. Join us right from Fall 2019 through Winter 2020 to get an early start to growing your performing arts skills in dance movement, musicality and buiiding confidence!