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Develop awareness and appreciation of Kathak. Nurture talent. Enrich education.

About Karishma Sharma
Karishma is trained in Kathak in the Lucknow Gharana over 15 years. She started her immersive training at the leading Kathak dance academy in Ahmedabad, Kadamb. She continues to advance her training under Guru Prashant Shah, senior disciple of Padma Bhushan Smt. Kumudini Lakhia and is a company member of Prashant Shah & Dancers. She has been actively performing at local Bay area events to promote awareness of Kathak to broader audiences. In January 2019, she will be performing in Switzerland, Geneva dance festival as part of PRshant Shah & Dancers Company. Karishma is teaching Kathak to beginning preteen students and adults. Her sense of humour, positivity and charismatic attitude puts all learners at ease and she is able to get the best out of all students and instill the joy of Kathak in them.

Kathak Performance - Video 

Kathak Classes & Curriculum

Kathak classes are taught by Artistic Director Karishma Sharma. Students develop the skill and understanding of Kathak, at the same time as building a sound technique, by developing the physical ability to communicate through movement in an expressive and artistic way. 

Learning and Progression

Classes are conducted at Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels. A clearly defined structure allows learning to take place in the context of safe dance practice. The levels build up progressively, ensuring that steps and skills learned at lower levels prepare for more complex movements as the student progresses.

The class is structured around three focus areas:

Technical Skills

Correct use of body in dance, Laya and Taal (Rhythm awareness through recitation and theka), Movement Vocabulary (Arm and hand movements, Tatkaar, Chakkars, Travelling patterns). Abhinaya (use of the face and body to communicate narrative)


Nritta (Tukdas, Footwork in rhythmic patterns such as Ladis, Baant)

Nritya (Kavit, Shloka or Vandana incorporating Abhinaya)

Creative dance exercises 


Understanding of the terms and movements​

Attire Requirements

  1. Girls should wear a kurti or a long length t-shirt, salwār or churidhar pants or leggins
  2. Boys should wear a kurta or a t-shirt with chiridhar pants or track pants 
  3. Hair should be pinned away from the face, drawn back in a single braid or bun.
  4. Ankle bells must be brought and students should wear them right before class starts. Ankle bells will be introduced at the appropriate time depending on each student's readiness
Class Schedule 
Currently classes are held for begining preteens in Menlo Park. 
To register please go to our Kids Class Schedule / Registration page 
For other location and age groups please email